A Blockchain Based Multi-User Roguelike.

Since writing my first program in 2008 I had always been fascinated by digital communities. Experiments with Multi-User Dungeons like Gemstone 4 had exposed me to an entire group of folks who could still vibe when less is more. Massive worlds imagined, a shared experience catalyzed in the visualization of text.

In the spirit of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS’), Reddit and Twitter I originally sought out to create a social network for minimalists. This ended up serving as a test-bed for so many more ideas though! With less overhead I was a able to turn experiments into new features and put all of it on top of an old game I had written. And that became something else entirely.

The Story

Weak governments and social upheaval has ushered in an age of dystopianism. A world in which monopolistic corporations make the rules. Having normalized space travel with advancements in genetic engineering and propulsion, humanity set out to champion the frontier in hopes of discovering a new purpose.

Note: this is a key revision of the original storyline present through versions 1–4 (currently 5. See also: the changelog).

The Game

You are a voyager. A human, mentally and physically augmented for a new life in deep space. Your mission is to carve out a place for humanity among the stars. A largely hostile environment. Build outposts with resources found at the farthest reaches of the frontier itself. Survive, create new economies from scratch, capitalize and recruit others to join you.

Platform & Aesthetics

Borrowing its likeness from the classic depiction of a player-character dating back to the original Rogue. RogueSpace is a game engine and social network. Built for speed and security by geeks for geeks who have a love for the command-line. Rendered in a sharp colorful ASCII style for the purist in all of us. Join the conversation!

Previously “PlatoNET”.
  • Post, comment or subscribe to things you find most interesting.
  • Create a page. Invite others, share privately or with the world.
  • Earn cryptocurrency, create or join a Frontier Company, employ others and build an empire!
  • Toggle in and out of gameplay sessions with ease.
  • Email registration optional.

This service will never store sensitive user data or any information about your machine or location.

Worldbuilding & Economics

Inspired by the likes of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead and Dwarf Fortress but carrying with it the literary spirit of multi-user dungeons like Gemstone IV. For years the underlying goal has been to consistently flesh out the game’s backstory through a combination of contributing to a growing wiki and even writing short stories.

For a while there were micro-fiction contests submitted by users before the platform for hosting these shut down (RIP Desura!). It was at this point that @Space was conceived. The hope is to continue expanding on the idea of both user and A.I-generated stories in order to build a more immersive experience (despite the graphics!).

The inclusion of Bitcoin also makes for an interesting dynamic. This being the latest and most upcoming addition (V6–7) to the project.

Cloud Wallet & Transaction Fees — How it Works

Players will be able to earn Bitcoin by participating in normal game activities. The platform takes no fees from deposits nor does it deduct from transactions taking place in the #Marketplace board in-game.

Each new account generated is assigned a unique wallet address. Since it will not be required for new users to register with an email, withdrawals may be limited to those with 2FA enabled.

This is to eliminate instances of players locking themselves out of accounts with funds in them. Or funds being sent without authorization. Since all wallet functions (transactions and balances) take place on-chain in the cloud.

This is not a new idea and was in fact inspired by many existing mmorpgs (like Entropia Universe or Second Life) with very dynamic economics that the players themselves can ultimately benefit from outside the confines of the game world itself. Apsis Online is just doing it with crypto!

Read on for more details!

Links & Resources

Wattpad Story (set in the game universe)


If you would like to contribute to the project feel free to use the public addresses below! Thanks!

BTC: 1PvRrLULD7tNyfDknkpsqAjvJeyRmKYqM3

Discord: doop#3388

#Textmode Programmer.